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Carbotech : First class sawmill machinery from a sawmill manufacturer that has cut its teeth

Carbotech is a company specializing in sawmill machinery and manufacture sawmill equipment since 1987.

Carbotech: A lumber stacker manufacturer that sawmill can trust worldwide

Are you looking for a lumber stacker, lug loader, or a tilt hoist? How about a state-of-the-art industrial conveyor system, automatic stick feeder, or other specialized sawmill equipment? Carbotech — a trusted industrial machinery manufacturer — has what youre looking for. With two decades of experience in the industry, Carbotech can supply you with the sawmill equipment you need, whatever your requirements. It doesnt matter if youre looking for a lumber sorter, a board stacker, or a belt conveyor, our experienced team will see to all your convoying equipment and sawmill machinery needs.

Carbotech sawmill equipment from a leading machinery manufacturer

If you are considering adding a new lumber stacker or updating other sawmill machinery to increase production levels at your plant, Carbotech can help.

As a leading lumber industry manufacturer, Carbotech can supply you with a remarkable range of winning solutions. We are there to help, no matter if you are buying an industrial conveyor, lumber stacker, stick stacker, lumber unscrambler, high speed stacker, stick placer, automatic stick feeder, paper feeder and cutter, lumber conveyor, planer mill equipment or any other type of conveyor and the list goes on!

Carbotech is a manufacturer that you can trust. If its sawmill machinery you need, this is the website for you! Feel free to contact us so that we can help find the best solutions to help maximize your productivity and profits.


  Wolftech industries inc (Authorized agent reprsenting Carbotech)  
We are pleased to announce that Wolftek Industries is now an authorized agent representing Carbotech (and formerly Gemofor) for the following territories:
Saskatchewan Manitoba Alberta British Columbia
To join them:
Scott Sutherland
Wolftek Industries /Viking Chain
Edmonton Office: 780 504-1999
Main office info: 800 991-4399
Fax: 250 561-0235
Please use Scott as main contact

  New at Carbotech!  

Always looking for ways to boost your productivity while keeping your costs down? CARBOTECH International has introduced a new automated system to prepare tiers (patent pending) at a stacker for random width mills. With this machine, you can now take boards of various widths and lengths and place them in packages of practically optimised widths. On top of this, longer boards are placed automatically on each side. You can also add a board turner to orient the heart or wane and rolls to send shorter boards to the far end (box piling). With this system, your plant will produce more consistant packages and the volume of wood in each of them will be maximized. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


  Positioning system  

Carbotech International is proud to announce that we now offer for the North-American market a patented and revolutionary Swedish design. This new positioning system offers unique advantages to what is currently offered on the market. In use for over 10 years now, it uses adjustable bumpers synchronized with the lugged transfer. The unique idea is to position the bumpers before they come up to the boards, allowing the boards the whole length of the machine to come in contact with them. The lateral speed require to displace each board is thus considerably slower which eliminates any bouncing commonly found in high speed applications. A servo-motor is used to position each bumper to its required location and its built-in encoder guaranties accuracy. Each bumper has an integrated ingenious locking mechanism within itself : it is well protected and doesnt require any maintenance.


  Carbotech International in Northern Europe  

Over the last several months, CARBOTECH International has been fortunate enough to become a major supplier of equipment in the Northern European market. With the help of our Swedish partner, Gunnarson, CARBOTECH International has supplied equipment for several companies such as Vida Vislander AB, Kinared, and Sodra.

We are very proud of our new found relationship with Gunnarson, and are looking forward to our continued success in the European market. With the combined expertise of Gunnarson and CARBOTECH International, our projects have been a huge success. CARBOTECH International has also profited from this partnership as we are now able to manufacture, under license, some of Gunnarsons excellent products that will bring new high speed technology from the European supplier to the US and Canada.

Thanks to our new friends at Gunnarson, and we look forward to our continued sharing of extremely high speed technologies from both sides of the pond.


  Our sales team is getting stronger !  

Jacques Bouchard, who is specialised in parts sales for many years , has joined Carbotech international sales team as manufacturing agent!

Mr. Bouchard will travel the north shore of Quebec from the lac St Jean area up to Baie Comeau, Sept Iles, La Mauricie area, Chibougameau and Chapais.

We are proud and honor to welcome him in our team!

To contact Jacques:

Office: 418 671-0415

Fax: 418 679-4563

Parts department : 819 362-6317 Ext: 229

By e-mail:

  Taking over after Gemofor closing  

Carbotech International has acquired the technology and all patents (Canadian and US) pertaining to the GEMOFOR product. GEMOFOR web site is now CARBOTECH property. Carbotech International has now all of the technical information, drawings, layouts and all engineering information on the GEMOFOR product and all projects. You can count on us to deliver all the services you need to maintain your equipment in good operating condition, including all spare parts. Should you need assistance in maintaining your equipment or if you plan to modify your line, please don't hesitate to call on us. We will be happy to serve you.

NX-TEK International Inc.

NX-Tek has closed its facility in British Columbia and CARBOTECH International will be servicing directly. Your parts orders and information request should be sent to our Plessisville office at the following numbers:FAX: (819) 362-6166 or call Franois Beaulieu at (819) 362-6317.

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